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Sales Development Representative

The role of sales development representatives is located at the very initial stage in the sales process of startups and high-tech companies. Sales development representatives from sites, maps and devices (from the word qualify) potential customers. In this process, representatives are the first to contact prospects or respond to incoming inquiries to determine if he is a prospect. The purpose of filtering is to direct the company's resources exclusively to relevant customers. This role is a role entry into the high-tech world and from it one can develop in many directions on the business side of this world.

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The course allowed us to become profoundly acquainted with the tech industry and its work practices – all from industry experts, within one month.

Idan Frenkel
Customer Success Manager @Drove

Jolt gave me many practical tools that will help me in the beginning of my tech career. They did an excellent job in selecting a diverse group of lecturers who exposed me to different business fields.

Benjamin Weinstock
Customer Success Manager @Bseller

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