Data Analysis for Tech

Analyse data. Create business insights.

That’s how it works in tech.
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Advantages of Jolt’s Data Analysis for Tech course

Analyst starts with data

Learn the most advanced data analysis tools, from advanced Excel through SQL and Tableau to professional analysis and visualisation methods.

Understand how business works

Turn the data into business insights that helps your company generate profits. Learn how to produce insights and how to present them effectively to decision-makers.

Speak to the point

Learn to solve real problems with real data, and turn theory into practice through a full-scale research project you can use to present as part of your job application

Get to work

Learn how to tailor your CV to specific jobs, create a LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crows, and pass HR and professional interviews.

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What jobs you can get into?


Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing out projects. They are accountable for the entire , the project team and resources, the project budget, and the success or failure of the project.

Product Analyst

You will carry out data analysis in order to identify the needs of users in startups or tech companies and give them better solutions, tailor product features, streamline and improve the product itself.

Business Analyst?

You will carry out a statistical data analysis in order to make critical business decisions regarding organizational process planning, departments’ performance, strategy selection, goal setting and more.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are the pipelines, through which data undergo a process of change from raw data to conclusions. The work includes data retrieval from various sources via technology tools, as well as data cleansing and filtering in order to detect useful information.

Learn from executives working in tech

Industry leaders teaching you the how to thrive and succeed in the tech environment. That means, at the end of the program, you will already have a network to start your career.

Courtney Machi
VP of Product
Amos Malter
Principal, HP Tech Ventures. Investments & Partnerships
Natali Keren
Head of HR
Preethi Sundaram
Vertical Marketing
Leshem Brosh
Partnerships Manager
Mor Lubranski
Senior Product Manager @ Bringg
Yitzy Tannenbaum
Head of Product Marketing @ NICE
Liat Netanel
Strategic Account Manager

Grads share their experiences

It’s given me so many skills and had expanded my horizon on what I what to pursue in the future, there were so many things I want to learn more about if only we had more time with Jolt! it’s been such a good journey and helped me clarify and understand my own goals.

Gigi Chan

Great to get involved, enjoyed working and producing a project together as a team and applying skills taken on from previous sessions and not only being able to present but also listen in to other groups. Great insights for future presentations.

Christopher Hobbins
Koios Consulting

I have gained so much knowledge about businesses and specifically start-ups, the different parts that make up successful companies, and the strategies that different teams take to run and maintain a successful business.

Eilis Lysaght

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