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Assaf Moyal
Data Analyst Team Lead @ WeissBeerger
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Assaf Moyal
* Set up a free account at https://flourish.studio/ * This Jolt is for anyone who needs to translate data insights into compelling visual stories to key audiences: Customers, teams with different specialisms, senior stakeholders, investors, or the wider public. The Jolt will give you the basic skills and the main principles so that by the end of it, you could apply it to the simplest PowerPoint chart, company report, social media campaign, and other formats. The Jolt is a mix of a formal presentation, group discussion, and practical exercises. You'll leave this Jolt having planned, designed, and refined your own visualization.

Questions this talk answers:


What Are The Key Elements Of A Successful Infographic Or Presentation?


How To Take Large Reports, And More Complicated Data, And Structure It Into A Story?


What Design Tricks Can I Use To Improve Visualisations, And Which Apps Exist For That?

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Assaf Moyal

Data Analyst Team Lead @ WeissBeerger


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