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Martin Sabag
VP Product @ Fornova
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Martin Sabag
Data is the lifeblood of every modern business. Business leaders need to be able to analyze it critically and understand the roles, concepts, and terminology involved. If you are nervous or inexperienced when it comes to using data, this beginner-level Jolt will give you an accessible and practical introduction. If you're already working with data, it may be a useful refresher before you jump into our other related Jolts. In this Jolt, you'll discover a simple, 3-step-framework for analyzing business data. You'll learn how to identify trends and gaps in data, explore ways to collect missing data, and work out how to interpret it to get meaningful answers.

Questions this talk answers:


What are the key roles, concepts and terminology involved in data in business?


How do you evaluate trends and patterns in data that are worthy of further exploration?


How do you critically analyze data against business hypotheses?

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Martin Sabag

VP Product @ Fornova


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