Unfolding the Career Axis

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Maja Wilhelm
Course Operations Manager @ Jolt
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Maja Wilhelm
Switching into the tech industry might seem overwhelming, but in-fact, you already posses the required skills and experience to do so successfully. In the course we encourage you to find your most valuable transferable skills and recognise your past achievements - thus proving your competence for your chosen position in the tech industry. This is the purpose behind the Career Axis in our course - it contains all classes and assignments that would make you the most employable versions of yourselves. In today’s session we will “unfold” the career axis and discover your up and coming career transformation journey: We will unravel our goals for the course - what does it mean to be super-employable? What are the classes and assignments that will take us to our destination? Also in this class, we will prepare for your meeting with our career development expert.

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Maja Wilhelm

Course Operations Manager @ Jolt


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