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Hebrew Session
Eran Levy
Community Manager @ Jolt
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Eran Levy
An orientation session for new student of Jolt. In this orientation Session we'll talk about life long learning, Networking and self development in the 'new era'. We will also Give you all the basic and important information & Tools you need to maximise your outcome from your time as a student of the Not AN MBA Program. It is very recommend you attend at least one of these throughout your time at Jolt. After that’s done, we’ll get to know each other in the room, and introduce ourselves. This way, as you step out into the Jolt community, there’ll always be a few familiar faces that you’ll recognise from day 1. Orientation sessions are always before a Jolt, with the intention you’ll attend that afterwards. However, attending both is not compulsory if you’re super busy - we get it.

Questions this talk answers:


What Is The Not An MBA Program?


Why Does The Jolt Lessons built On The StartUp Method?


How Does It Look like To Be A Student Of Jolt?

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Eran Levy

Community Manager @ Jolt


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