Jolt Orientation Session

Hebrew Session
Bethany Gill
Community Manager @ Jolt LDN
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Bethany Gill
This is an orientation session (of sorts) for newbies to Jolt. This is a community-led session with a member of the community management team from Jolt. We’d recommend you attend at least one of these throughout your time at Jolt. Orientation sessions start with a brief update about all things Jolt. We tell you about the community, the app, the language (or technical Jolt terms) we use and answer any questions you’ve still got about the process before you get started. After that’s done, we’ll get to know each other in the room, and introduce ourselves. This way, as you step out into the Jolt community, there’ll always be a few familiar faces that you’ll recognise from day 1. Orientation sessions are always before a Jolt, with the intention you’ll attend that afterwards. However, attending both is not compulsory if you’re super busy - we get it.

Questions this talk answers:


Find out insider nuggets about Jolt that you might otherwise miss


Meet other members of the community in the introductions round


Get the answers to any questions you have so far about Jolt

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Bethany Gill

Community Manager @ Jolt LDN


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