Google Sheets: Work with Data More Effectively

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Tristan Burns
Global Head of Analytics @ Pizza Hut Digital Ventures
Tristan Burns
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Tristan Burns
PLEASE NOTE: * This Jolt requires prior experience in editing spreadsheets in Google Sheets or Excel. If you have yet to work on one of these programs, we recommend that you first become familiar with its fundamental controls: https://www.coursera.org/learn/getting-started-with-google-sheets (free online course) -- The skill of analyzing data (often with Google Sheets or Excel) has become an integral demand in business. Still, most people are hesitant when having to work with these programs. In this Jolt, you will learn: - How to fill in, sort, and search for data at minimum time - How to use critical functions, including VLOOKUP, which will help you retrieve data efficiently - Creating a PIVOT table to analyze data Why Google Sheets? We chose to teach data analysis using this program because you can easily collaborate on it and share it. Nevertheless, these functions and formulas apply to Excel and other spreadsheet programs. Join this Jolt to get a head start in analyzing data right on your own.

Questions this talk answers:


How Do You Perform Simple Calculations In Google Sheets?


How Do You Use Basic Functions On Data Sets In Google Sheets?


How Do You Pull Data Efficiently Using VLOOKUP?

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Tristan Burns

Global Head of Analytics @ Pizza Hut Digital Ventures

Tristan Burns

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