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Nir Kosover

UX Manager @
Nir Kosover is an Entrepreneur/UX designer who has been crafting products for over 10 years. Following his vast experience managing UX teams at, and his expertise in multiple industry disciplines he is now a founder, building mobile apps such as and Autodidact by nature (but an electrical engineer by training) Nir loves a good challenge and the lightning fast paced, constantly evolving tech industry.
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Nir Kosover is an Entrepreneur/UX designer who has been crafting products for over 10 years. Following his vast experience managing UX teams at, and his expertise in multiple industry disciplines he is now a founder, building mobile apps such as and Autodidact by nature (but an electrical engineer by training) Nir loves a good challenge and the lightning fast paced, constantly evolving tech industry.
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Tuesday 19:00
, 90 min
, starting
Feb 6th
Jolt Sarona
Derech Menachem Begin 121
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90 min weekly session, conversational lesson with world-class expert
followed by a group discussion
What are Jolt Micro Grants?

Jolt Micro Grants are small, one-time-only, reimbursements given to our Founding Members for community projects that involve group learning. The Micro Grants projects are designed and implemented by the community groups themselves, not by Jolt. They are awarded on a competitive basis - Jolt will decide which proposal best meet its guidelines, and are most deserving of the limited funds available.

Who is eligible to apply for a Jolt Micro Grant?

If you are a Jolt Founding Member, you are eligible to apply. (Note: Currently, the only point of entry into Jolt’s Founding Members Club is by invitation from a Jolt team member, and meeting the club’s qualifying criteria. Jolt has full discretion in approving any grant, and receipt of the grant is subject to further confirmation of eligibility.)

How much money can I apply for under the Jolt Micro Grants program in a given year?

Founding Members are able to apply for up to £1,500 in Micro Grants per calendar year,* provided that no funding request is below £500; and * Starting from January of the calendar year that follows the year in which one was inducted in to Jolt’s Founding Members Club. For the duration of the year in which one joins the Founding Members Club, one is eligible for up to £1,500 in Jolt Micro Grants.

How many times can I apply for a Jolt Micro Grant in a calendar year?

You may request funding by way of Jolt Micro Grants as many times as you need, PROVIDED you have not yet received an amount totaling £1,500 for such year AND you have not been granted the maximum of three grants per year.

In the context of Jolt Micro Grants, what is the definition of “calendar year”?

A “calendar year” is January 1 to December 31 of any given year. However, please note that applications for Jolt Micro Grants from the current year's funding pool must be submitted by November 30.

When should I apply for an Jolt Micro Grant?

Jolt Micro Grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis between January 1 and November 30. You must apply at least 14 business days before your project's start date. If you apply with fewer than 14 business days to go, your application will be rejected automatically. * To help you avoid disappointment and plan properly, we encourage you to apply well in advance of your opportunity!

Can I use the total annual Jolt Micro Grant allotment towards one project/opportunity?

Yes. You may use a maximum of £1,500 towards any approved opportunity in a calendar year, that further your ability to promote ‘learning as a habit’ and create positive group learning experiences.

Can a Jolt Micro Grant cover the entire cost of my project/opportunity?

While not an absolute requirement, applications that demonstrate your intention to cover some of the costs of the opportunity with your own funds will be viewed favorably. We want to help you grow, but we also want to see that you value this opportunity enough to commit to it personally.

What are some examples of opportunities that Jolt Micro Grants can cover?
  • Creating positive learning experiences – e.g., initiate learning experiences that helps the ones touched by them to advance professionally (meet-up, talks, learning clubs)

  • Community Building – e.g., opportunities that bring people together for learning purposes

Bridging geographical barriers – e.g., opportunities that extends beyond your geographical proximity, and help promote lifelong learning among less-privileged communities around the world.

Note that for ‘community building’ Micro Grants, the opportunity must be directly related to your ability to promote ‘learning as a habit’ in your field.

What will Jolt Micro Grants NOT cover?

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some examples of what Jolt Micro Grants will not cover:

  • Travel to self-organized meetings, even if related to your project/venture
  • Salaries
  • Food & beverages
  • General tuition costs (for example, to subsidize an MBA or PhD program)
  • Event sponsorship
  • Transport and/or accommodation that is not directly connected to the Micro Grant opportunity
  • Purchase of hardware, software or other equipment
  • Ongoing business-related expenses (e.g., renting office space, long-term equipment rental, ongoing subscription fees for software, web hosting, association/membership fees, etc.)
  • Another individual’s (e.g., a colleague’s) expenses
  • Services that you are rendering to yourself, your organization or others (for example, grants cannot be paid for your time spent preparing for a presentation)
  • Services provided by a spouse or close family member
  • The development of a skill that’s not directly related to one of the three Micro Grant categories
  • Reunions or purely networking events
  • Legal work (for example, legal advice, litigation, etc.)
In what currency are Jolt Micro Grants awarded?

All grants are awarded in GBP.

If one of my applications is unsuccessful, can I still apply for another Jolt Micro Grant in the future?

Yep. An unsuccessful application does not preclude you from applying again and will not reduce your annual allotment.

What is the maximum allowable length of time for an Jolt Micro Grant project?

Jolt Micro Grant opportunities must be completed within six months. (in other words, the time between your project/opportunity start and end dates must not exceed 180 days).

Can I apply for funding for the upcoming year?

Yes. The opportunity to which a Jolt Micro Grant request relates must either begin in the year in which the request is granted or in the calendar year that immediately follows the date the request is submitted. For example, you can apply in 2018 for an opportunity that will place in 2019 but you cannot apply in 2018 for a conference that takes place in 2020.

Additionally, you cannot use a following year's grant funds for an opportunity that takes place in the current year (e.g., you cannot apply to use 2019 grant funds for an opportunity that takes place in 2018).

When will I receive my grant money?

AFTER you have COMPLETED your Jolt Micro Grant opportunity, you will need to submit the Jolt Micro Grant report form we will send you. Follow the instructions on the report form to submit relevant receipts and additional information. Once your report is approved, we can process your reimbursement.

When is my report due and what happens if it is overdue?

Your report is due on the date noted in your approval email, which is 30 days following the project end date identified in the application. Following this time, grants will be forfeited and no longer reimbursable unless an extension has been explicitly requested and approved by the Jolt Micro Grants team.

My Jolt Micro Grant experience involved other Founding Member. Can we submit a report together?

No. Each Founding Member must submit a separate report on his/her experience, and craft his/her reflection individually.

What if my Jolt Micro Grant report does not contain enough information about my experience?

You may be required to elaborate on your experience before your Jolt Micro Grant report can be approved. In such a case, a member of the Jolt Micro Grants team may be in touch with you to request more detail.

Will Jolt share the details of my Opportunity?

While we will not always choose to, Jolt reserves the right to share and use the content received in your report for its own needs, be it a PR, feature on the Jolt website or any other channel that is deemed relevant.

What is a Jolt membership?

A Jolt membership gives you unlimited access to Jolt, including all Journeys and Workshops. Membership works on a monthly basis, giving you the power to take as many Jolts as you’d like. Take a UX Microcopy Jolt or join a Community Management Workshop, the possibilities are endless. We believe learning is self-explorative, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

I'm in! How much is it? How do payments work?

To confirm your space at a lifetime discount of £50/month (usually £80/month), simply provide a payment card securely via Stripe. You won't be charged until January 7 when Jolt opens its doors. You'll then be charged monthly.

What is a Jolt?

A Jolt is a 90 minute in-person learning session. It includes a live video session with an expert speaker, followed by a group discussion. Visit our About Page to find out more about what makes Jolts unique and awesome.

Where is the first Jolt Room in London?

Our first Jolt campus is opening on January 7 in a beautiful space next to Liverpool Street station, and the second is set to open in the heart of Soho in June 2019.

What is a Jolter?

A Jolter is a subject matter expert who is currently working in their field of practice and is vetted, trained and certified to deliver Jolts. Our philosophy is that we should be learning from those who do.

Can I go to other campuses when they open?

Absolutely. We’re all about encouraging movement between campuses — choose whichever location works best for you. Your membership offers unlimited access to them all.

What’s the difference between an annual and a monthly membership?

Monthly: Gain access to month-to-month billing with no ties or commitments.

Annual: Enjoy a discounted monthly cost over 12 months, starting January 7. You’ll still pay monthly and you can cancel at any time — you’ll simply have to pay back the discount you received.

What is your attendance policy?

Jolt is built of the belief that education should fit your lifestyle. Can’t come? Simply unreserve your seat through the Jolt App to give others the opportunity to attend.

What’s the level of the classes at Jolt?

We’ll always specify when a class is either for beginners or better for those with some prior knowledge, but one thing’s for certain: every class at Jolt is designed to equip you with practical skills you can use tomorrow.

What is a Journey?

A Journey is a set of Jolts related to an industry or profession. Journeys are curated by actual professionals in the field, so you learn only the most relevant material. Follow a Journey on the Jolt App to get updated about upcoming sessions, or join a Journey each week at the same time and place to build your network and make solid connections.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. Just email and you’ll be out. No strings attached. (Although with content this good, we're pretty confident you won't need to. 🙌)

Where can I see the schedule?

Right here. This is our first London schedule, based on the things we’ve heard you, our community, want to learn to boost your career. Watch out for new additions and extras coming soon.

What is your cancellation policy?

Simple: If you’re unhappy, you can cancel at any time. To cancel your membership, shoot us an email to Remember, Jolt Memberships work on a monthly basis, so make sure to cancel before you're charged for the upcoming cycle.

How will I sign up to classes?

Great news. The Jolt app is coming soon and you’ll shortly be able to browse and book your very first Jolt. The cool part is that you can select your seat and even see who else will be in the room too.

Can I watch classes remotely?

Not exactly. Our instructors teach remotely, via live, interactive video conferencing so you can learn from experts in Silicon Valley or Sydney. But the classes themselves take place in our special Jolt rooms, because we believe physical learning, among like-minded people, works best. Did we mention the networking opportunities and amazing discussions that take place after each class?

What happens if I miss a class?

No problem. Your chosen class will come back again later on any given month — think of it like a gym. There will (nearly) always be another class scheduled later, to fit seamlessly around your lifestyle.

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