B2B Team Manifesto

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We are a Jolt superpower

We fulfil Jolt’s mission with a 10X impact.

We think big (& globally)

We are disruptive in the traditional world of corporate learning. We aim to contact the largest global companies from all industries and to be crucial for their employees’ success.

We are Self-Made

We’re all professionals that are constantly learning, evolving and improving.

We are the benchmark for corporate learning

We’re not just selling a learning platform, we are the lighthouse for organizational learning and development providing best practice and guidance to L&D leaders.

We give a fuck

We see our customers as partners with motivations and aspirations. We want their success. We want them to excel. We care. We’re advisors and consultants for businesses. We’re a partner and an educator.

We are focused

We’re precise about our offering. We know what our KPIs are for success. We have an exact message, target audience and segmentation of companies. We don’t deviate.

We have our own tone of voice

We bring a fresh voice to Jolt and to the world. Our customers are different, our message is different and we own it.

We are aligned

Our success is the result of the work of everyone at Jolt. We are grateful.

We are data-driven

We’re devoted to measuring the value and the outcomes for our customers.

We are enjoying the ride

We’re on a long ride but we do stop to celebrate our small wins and achievements. We’re team players.