Community Team Manifesto

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We are a warm and welcoming face

As the face of the company for the students, we provide a friendly and trust-worthy welcoming experience for our students. We are interested, active listeners and sensitive to our student’s needs. We recognize that each of our interactions with Soji’s is unique and has a lasting impact and therefore, always deliver impeccable in-person service.

We are connectors

We create strong networks and keep our connections top of mind when speaking to our students. We create an atmosphere that enables strong networking, constantly connecting our students to each other and to Jolters that can help give them a competitive advantage. We have strong networks ourselves, we share our networks and are always aspiring to grow them.

We are the voice of the students

We are student-first. We know them, we hear them, we interact with them and mostly we care about what they have to say. Our students know that they can rely on us and we represent their opinions back to the rest of Jolt. For that reason, we are a resource for the company in knowing exactly how our students feel about and react to our product.

We are activators

We spark a fire and we fan the flames. We create a culture and empower our students to represent it, inspire it and grow it themselves.

We are authentic

We show up as ourselves. We are present. We are emotionally intelligent and trustworthy. We get to know our students as humans and support them uniquely. We understand our student’s journey and know where to help them on the way.

We are competent

We are expert generalists. We are detail-oriented, we are in the know and we are reliable. We can work independently but we are constantly striving to improve things as a team and can be a valuable asset to every other Jolt team.

We practice what we preach

We believe in our vision, we are Jolt’s ideal student. We are not just words. We follow through on our ideas. We speak the start-up language and can translate it back to those who don’t. We tell our students to network? We should network. We want our students to come to events? We go to theirs. We’ve been to most of the Jolt classes, so we are confident in knowing the Jolt syllabus and schedule and are able to recommend and inspire our students to take the best classes and attend the best events for them.

We are exceptional

We are always thinking about outcomes. We are agile and experimental yet we do not compromise our standards on execution or on value.

We are cool

We are calm under pressure. If something goes wrong in the room, we stay cool and keep the room positive.