Content Team Manifesto

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No fluff.

We produce practical and relevant knowledge only, to ensure Sojis gain a competitive advantage.

We set the rhythm.

We own and control the content at Jolt. We decide what we teach and how we teach.

It’s our responsibility to deliver high-quality content at scale while staying true to our values.

Recruit and develop the best faculty.

Teaching is hard, and teaching remotely is even harder. We seek experts and turn them into the best teachers in their field in professional yet scalable ways.

Give true value to our jolters.

Jolters gain much more than just being a teacher. We give them a sense of community, an opportunity to grow their personal brand, and influence a global audience.

We keep moving, changing, upgrading.

In everything we do, we challenge ourselves - ‘How can we make it even better? ‘.

We try our best to incorporate new technology in every Jolt, run pedagogical initiatives, and find original solutions to daunting procedures.

One team, one voice

We communicate a coherent message to whom-ever we provide service, always with a smile, confidence, and rationale.

Always be learning.

We listen to other’s feedback, whether it be Jolters, Sojis, or Jolt staff. We proactively question our processes and search for ways to improve them.

Collaboration is key.

We love to share our knowledge and help others. We don’t hesitate to come up with alternative Win-Win solutions to reach our goals.

Keep the train rolling.

No matter which crisis emerges, we make sure Jolts continue to run successfully.

Family matters.

We see and hear one another. We guarantee all teammates get an opportunity to shine, but we also know when to disagree and commit. One for all, all for one.