HR Team Manifesto

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No Drama

We create perspective. we do not stress and fright from anything. We are the anchor of the company even in a stormy day when the ship is rocking

We are the Jolt’s DNA “Gatekeepers”

We create the environments, work processes and people that keep Jolt’s culture strong while scaling.

We enable efficiency

We understand the business by seeing the big picture. Our success is the employee’s success, and the employee’s success is the company’s success.

We are “One step ahead”

We are always ready for the next thing to happen by reading between the lines.

We are growth enablers

We create a machine that enables the company and the people to grow.

We are data & benchmark oriented

We base our actions and reactions on data and research.

We are trustworthy

People share their thoughts and inspiration with us. We see ourselves as the “go-to person” when something personal is happening. We will always be professional, respectful, sensitive and discreet.

We are accessible

We are accessible to everyone (from candidates up to the CEO) whenever needed.

We help people feel belonged

We create and maintain the engagement recipe in Jolt which enables people to feel meaningful, belonged and recognized.

We are customer-facing team

We offer cross-company HR, office administration and employee development services while being generous, kind and service-orientated.