Marketing Team Manifesto

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We're positive and thankful.

We cherish people's time, attention and intentions - happy they've shown interest in our brand. We're not snobs. We explain our ideas with patience, and we have the empathy to their objections.

10x or not at all.

Content, ads, brands –noise is everywhere these days. We need to make ours 10x more interesting/engaging/valuable to the reader/viewer. We find ways to make it 10x — Or we move on to the next idea.

We're Shipping. 

We're not waiting for things to be perfect and complete. We're putting them online as soon as we can - to get feedback and improve. We're not putting months of efforts into a specific channel or a creative idea - before we've tested the water within a week since ideation. And we repurpose everything we've created: a good piece of written content can turn into a podcast, a video, a post on Instagram, an online lesson or an Ebook.

Always Be Teaching. 

We give value, share knowledge, teach lessons, give advice to whomever we come in touch with. No matter if they are potential leads, Sojis, or people scrolling their feeds. We always GIVE value BEFORE we ask for something.

We're a School. 

That’s serious business. That means — instead of sales — admissions; Instead of price - tuition; Instead of discount — scholarship; Instead of cancelling — drop out. We're fact-checking what we're saying. We hold ourselves to the standards of educators - so we double check with Grammarly, Thesaurus, Wikipedia and localised terms and slang to make sure our vocabulary and grammar are perfect.

It's about the customer, not about us.

We talk about the reader, for the viewer, her needs, emotions, wants and interests. We're not talking about ourselves - and if we do (e.g. "We just opened a new campus in London!") - we find the angle that will be relevant for the customer (e.g. "Self-Makers of London - we've opened a new campus for you to network and upskill"). And we aim for simplicity — copy, design, flow - things should be as simple and clear as possible.

We're trustworthy. 

We don't spam, and we don't buy lists of emails, we don't use shady tricks. We promise what we can do - and if we don't (well, it's a Startup) - we explain why we didn't.

Every word counts.

Everything we write or say is using our tone and voice — from emails and banners to videos and interviews to how we write the directions to the campus. We are consistent and precise in our messaging.

Everything Jolt is Marketing.

Our brand reflects in anything we're communicating externally, to our leads, students, Jolters and companies we work with. If we see something that isn't aligned to our message/tone/style in any other department — we'll invest the time to get it sorted and educate on the brand.

We're humble and willing to learn.

We don't assume we know it all. Our customers teach us. Our colleagues teach us. Our analytics teaches us. We prefer testing and collecting data over intuitions and prejudice.