Product Team Manifesto

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We’re a “Soji First” team.

Our sojis are the reason we’re here. We build products to provide them with a competitive advantage in business. We’re passionate about giving them the experience they deserve and are empathetic to their needs and goals.

We’re data-driven.

We base our decisions on data and research, both quantitative and qualitative. We don’t cement paradigms and don’t rely on hearsay, rumours or the hype.

We’re collaborative and transparent.

We collaborate with our internal stakeholders, are transparent about our priorities and plans and we never surprise them. We involve them in the decision making process, tapping into their vast knowledge and expertise.

We focus on the problem, we’re not married to a solution.

We’re not afraid to revert a decision, drop a feature improvement or re-design a process if it doesn’t serve its purpose. We test hypotheses and discard courses of action which no longer show promise.

We’re agile.

We prefer incremental, well-crafted improvements that validate we’re on the right path over huge releases. We balance scope and schedule to the benefit of the business and communicate our reasoning.

We measure everything we deliver.

A released feature is not the end of our path, but its beginning. We measure everything we deliver to ensure its impact and base our decisions upon it.

We’re proactive.

We are the product’s leaders, entrepreneurs who take ownership and deliver business results through Jolt’s digital product. We identify opportunities for growth and improvement and deliver through challenges and obstacles.

We have a plan.

We’re methodical in our work, prescribe the steps to get to our goal and share our plan with others in a clear, transparent way.


We dig deep to fully understand our customers’ pains. We think of creative ways to solve them, don’t accept “can’t” and provide original ways to get things done.

We plan for the future while delivering today

We divide our time efficiently between laying down groundwork for the future and thinking big while delivering critical value today.