R&D Team Manifesto

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We are Transparent

We communicate clearly and simply, within the team and outwards. We are communicative and Ego free! We do not just communicate with the PMs, but also with our end customers (inside and outside the company).

We are Balanced

We always prioritize our tasks considering both short and long term goals and balancing “good enough” with “Perfect” using the Pareto principle.  We balance the company’s business needs with the system’s health and the quality of our work.

We are Service-oriented

We cater to the company’s needs with adaptive, flexible solutions. We are responsive and flexible, depending on the current requirements and needs and continue to evolve constantly. Our word is our bond, we are trustworthy and commit to fulfil our promises. We own up to our mistakes and do not give excuses.

Each and every one of us is:

A Builder, independent, responsible, a Problem solver, a Team player, dedicated, resourceful.

We are Bold

We are cutting edge, progressive, leaders. We take calculated technological bets and push the envelope. We are not afraid to fail in the process!

We value Quality

We produce uncompromising quality products and quality code. Using best practices, we are considerate and always value simple and elegant solutions.

We are Impactful

Our products have an impact on Jolt,
its customers and its employees!

We are a Team

We are collaborative and value teamwork. We support, enrich, teach, challenge and empower one another.

Our values are all equal

All of our values coexist. No value shall stand above the rest. These codes of conduct apply in everything that we do, and our job is to find the best balance between them.

We are ready for anything!