Sales Team Manifesto

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We meet our goals.

Our daily motivation is solely focused on reaching our targets. Ensuring that every action brings us closer to our goals.

We are getting shit done.

We are not striving for perfection, we are striving to get things done. Everything we do is professional and at a level good enough for the function it was made for, without spending a millisecond more than needed.

We are agile.

We adapt to changes quickly and seamlessly. Fitting with the dynamic environment of the company, we adjust our methods when necessary and we don’t get stuck in our comfort zones.

We are competitive.

We need to win. We are the kind of people motivated by the success of our peers, and want to have a taste of it ourselves.

We are data-driven.

We make decisions based on facts and best practices, and not based solely on intuition.

We have emotionally intelligence towered our customers.

Socially comfortable. We are able to use our social skills and personalities to achieve our goals.

We validate the company’s ideas.

We validate the company’s ideas and products. We are the “Market Feelers” and it’s our job to check if the idea is relevant to our customers and if not, we give our feedback in order to adjust it.

We strive towards professionalism.

Being organised, disciplined, thriving under pressure — we don’t make the same mistake twice!

We act with integrity.

We are honest with what we are selling. We take pride in what we offer our customers.

We look at the bigger picture.

As much as we are focused on each and every sale, we never forget the company’s greater mission.