Student Service Team Manifesto

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We listen attentively.

We give our fullest attention to each soji & colleague. We listen to their needs and extract an action item.

We see the individual.

People have different needs and goals, so we make the effort to see each one with their different traits and make our response personal.

We are the insight centre.

As the front line, we receive feedback (and fire), extract insights from it and communicate it internally to improve the students’ experience. We make sure every department is aware of our students’ needs and implements the right solutions.

Patience is key.

We get the full picture before taking action in order to give the most professional solution and do our best to be patient and calm with our students.

We’re determined.

We don’t give up until we have a solution for our students.

Never stop learning.

We embody the brand values: we’re always learning new and practical tactics, by attending Jolts, conferences etc., to implement in every aspect.

Optimizing processes

We challenge our work habits and defaults in order to prevent future issues. We do this by questioning existing processes in order to make our work more efficient.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Every touchpoint is with kindness, empathy, creative thought, and encouragement.

We are creative.

We think outside the box in order to find the best solution for the student. We are inspired by our teammates and challenge the obvious.

We go the extra mile.

We not only address every issue in the most professional way, we proactively continue to find solutions to prevent future issues with our students. We see each student’s journey independently and guide them along the way.