How do I build a clear message?

Hi guys!
Having the ability to successfully deliver your message is a crucial skill. Anyone can improve it but it takes a methodological approach & some practice. By investing the time you’ll get comfortable presenting your ideas and making an impact.

Four Jolts which include theory, practical tips and exercises - allowing you to clearly present your ideas to your colleagues, boss or clients.

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30 minutes after you’re done talking, people will remember only 10% of what you’ve said.

How do i build a clear message?
The TOP 3 things you need to consider before you start building your message
Attention Grabbers \ Grace period
  • A question
  • Surprising data
  • Story
  • Personal experience
  • Case study / research
  • Joke
  • Photo
  • Quote
  • Analogy
Tips for grace period
  • Short and to the point
  • Use your own style
  • Names & Numbers + 1st time no videos/questions
  • Experiential components – easy to remember
  • Be creative

90% of your success – grace period, expectations and value

Diagnose mission - Message Delivery

Steve Jobs, who besides various skills was a wonderful speaker, in a well-structured and interesting speech.
1. Take a look at his opening, the way everything is built around stories and his call to action.
2. Look for covert messages and his body language - we will discuss it in the next Jolt


Present Your Ideas