What’s your top tip for achieving success?

This is a more personal one but absolutely relevant to attitudes on money, success, health and priorities in life: "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with" (Jim Rohn)  

Drop the people who don't feed your potential.  

If they're constantly reflecting the habits and attitudes that hold you back, you need to move on, for the good of you both.  It's important to have relationships that lift you, not exploit your weaknesses.   Took me bloody years. I'd sweat about loyalty and end up being resentful or depressed.  Don't waste the time.  Move on with love for what you had and be your better self....

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My number 1 lesson is to not compare myself to other people. It's basic but true. I think the world is so often set up to pit people against each other "if someones doing this at a certain age then I should be doing this". It forces us to make bad decisions. At school, at university, on grad schemes we're graded and compared to our peers but I've forced myself to let go of that mentality.

There's always someone who will be younger, prettier, smarter, more successful than me, so why allow that negative energy into my life?

I make decisions based on what I want to do, live life to the beat of my own little (weird) drum and fundamentally am happier for it. When you're pushing yourself to try new things you're opening yourself up to a lot of rejection, criticism, people knocking you back. You can listen of course, but fundamentally there's nothing wrong with living life on your own terms. If we start to think about the world as winners, losers, better or worse, we start to feel unsatisfied with what we have and lose our sense of community. Life's tough enough, why add more things to worry about to it? 

Frankie Kemp

Frankie is the founder of Switchvision, a consultancy that specialises in theatre-based interpersonal skills for technical experts. She’s worked internationally as an editor, writer, voice over artist and performer and was the director and scriptwriter for the presenters of the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Istanbul. Her book ‘Techie Talks – how technical experts become powerful presenters’ has hit over 30,000 downloads. Alison works globally with SMEs to large multi-nationals to enhance their creativity and communication skills.