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Your seat at the table
Education is too important to be decided upon by a single body, organisation or regulator. You know this, because your job is to motivate, engage, empower and facilitate learning experiences.

You also know how hard it is to create and maintain employee engagement, and what tremendous value this has for the organisations that succeed. In fact, you are probably know it better than most decision makers.

And despite being the best equipped people to consult, advise and lead education programmes, HR and L&D professionals don’t have a seat at the table with governments or boards. 

We’re here to build that table and give you that seat. 

Because businesses should build curriculums, not governments.

Roei Deutsch
Co-Founder, CEO, Jolt

Privileges of Committee Members
Lifetime Jolt Membership

You get to where you are through constant evolution.
We’re proud to help you hone your skills and support your careers progress.

Golden Tickets

Jolt never grants one-off access to our campuses.
But not in your case. Think someone in your network can benefit from a Jolt? Send them our way. We’ll look after them.

A seat at the table

Jolt’s Not An MBA programme prioritises the needs of the students and the workforce over anything else, and to ensure continuous alignment between the two, we offer you to help us shape it as it evolves. 

‘Micro-grant’ mechanism

Jolt allocated thousands of £ to help L&D professionals initiate & facilitate amazing independent learning experiences through our Micro-grant mechanism. Take advantage of up to £1,000 to support your next learning event.  

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Showcasing on website

As a member, you will be featured on the steering committee's website, and be able to contribute to its publications, extending your reach and influence in the space.

Become a Jolter

Teaching is a sign of mastery. Become a Jolter to demonstrate that - scale your influence and strengthen your personal brand. 

As a committee member and a teacher, we’ll fast track your process, put you in front of communications expert and help you elevate your presentation skills even further.

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Jolt's CEO on BBC

Roei Deutsch, Jolt's CEO, on millennials at work

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