Monday, December 20

Finding your dream job

Eyal Zukerman brings to us her many years of experience in HR & recruiting, and will share with us her many insights on recruiting processes in general.
Eyal Zukerman
VP HR @ Orca AI

In the webinar we will talk about:

  • Eyal and her company
  • Eyal's career path and journey and her transition from low-tech to high-tech.
  • Discuss Orca AI product, growth and development.
  • The recruitment process from Eyal's eye and specifically at Orca AI.
  • Tips on editing CV's to increase chances of getting to an interview.
  • Q&A

The UK tech boom is creating one billion-pound company every week — and is gaining leadership status alongside Silicon Valley as one of the world’s top tech capitals.

In the first half of this year alone the UK’s tech sector saw the creation of 20 of these ‘unicorn’ companies — a feat that previously took 24 years to reach.

And for a young and talented person, now is the time to reap the benefits.

So for a graduate just starting out, or a more experienced candidate looking to make a career switch, how do you know what job is right for you? 

And what if you have no technical experience?

Join industry experts from JoyTunes, Juno and Similarweb for a panel discussion on:

  • Why you don’t need to be a techie to work in tech
  • What tech companies are actually looking for when they hire new talent
  • How to figure out what job is right for you — whether it's sales, marketing or analytics

Eyal Zukerman

VP HR @ Orca AI

Eyal Zuckerman is the VP HR at Orca AI, a stealth mode startup aiming to create autonomous capabilities for merchant ships.

She is vastly experienced in the Hi-Tech industry at global, start-up and corporate companies.

Eyal has gained many years of experience in developing, implementing, improving and executing HR strategy, infrastructure and processes integrated and aligned with the business strategy and KPI’s.

She has an excellent track record in creating HR infrastructure to support business and company growth with proven added value and high ROI, and specializes in hands-on and management experience developing and empowering HR team towards achieving deliverables and developing skill sets.

Monday, December 20
Online Webinar

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