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Business School, Reinvented.

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Get answers to your most pressing questions and solve real life challenges in live interactive classes
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Learn the tactics used to build Google, Netflix, Facebook and more straight from the experts
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Business Skills With a Startup Mentality

Our Syllabus is CPD Accredited

Marketing, Sales & CS
Fundamental Techniques for Influencing Others
Liron Yona
Consulting & Training for optimal functioning and high-performance @ Mindshift
How To Improve Your Personal Brand
Ethan Brooks
Head of Client Success @ Modern Folly
Negotiating the Perfect Job & Salary
Tony Perzow
CEO @ You Suck At Negotiating
Marketing, Sales & CS
Data Driven Decision Making
Alan RutterFounder
Founder @ Fire Plus Algebra
How to Build a Top Marketing Message
Maryan Bani
Creative Director @ Mellanox
How to Build a Top Marketing Message
Maryan Bani
Creative Director @ Mellanox
Management & Leadership
Crisis Management: the Only Three Things You Need
Bill Carmody
CEO @ Trepoint
How to Develop Your Team's Talent
Christine Ng
Talent Acquisition Partner @ Financial Times
Leading Changes in Your Team
Jon Younger
Founder @ Agile talent collaborative
Consumer Research DIY: How to Conduct Polls and Focus Groups
Itay Boneh
Marketing consultant & Strategist @ Itay Boneh
Data Visualization
Alan Rutter
Founder @ Fire Plus Algebra
How to Use Google Analytics to Drive Business Insights
Nitesh Sharoff
Growth Marketing Specialist @ Growth Runner
A/B Testing: Main Principles
Ofir Avigad
Storyteller, Blockchain Veteran @ Freelance
Design for Non-designers
Maya Shafir Aloni
Designer & Lecturer @ Mishka
Intro to Product Management: Discover, Design, Build, and Control
Dror Ogen
Senior Product Manager @ Autodesk
An Essential Guide to Unit Economics for Startups
Roei Deutsch
CEO @ Jolt
Startup Fundraising 101: Think Like an Investor
Itay Sagie
Co-Founder, CEO @
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The Jolt Syllabus

Our Syllabus is CPD Accredited

Learn from world-class experts

Interact with top innovators from Google, Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Fiverr, Microsoft & more

Growth vs Profitability: What’s Best for Your Business?
Kenneth Siber
Head of Labs @ WeWork (UK)
How to create an online store
Gerard Pinto
Partner Manager @ Shopify (US)
How to Achieve Product-Market Fit
Justin Belmont
Product Lead @ Uber (US)
Giving Feedback that Makes a Difference
Sallyann Tingle
Head of Sales Education @ Amazon (UK)
Product Management: Discover, Design, Build and Control
Valerio Magliulo
Product Manager @ Facebook (UK)
Start Negotiating Price like a Pro
Max Newton
Principal @ Invisible SalesPro (SalesCoachLondon)
How to Build an Impactful Linkedin Profile
Radina Nedyalkova
Trainer & LinkedIn coach @ NameVox Advisory
How to Turn a Coffee Meeting into a Business Opportunity
Liat Netanel
Business development manager @ Microsoft
Sallyann Tingle
Head of Sales Education
Kenneth Siber
Head of Labs
Justin Belmont
Product Lead
Gerard Pinto
Partner Manager
Valerio Magliulo
Product Manager
Liat Netanel
Business Development Manager
Max Newton
Radina Nedyalkova


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As an entrepreneur, Jolt's night classes were a perfect fit for me. I love that the scheduling is tailored to busy people who work.

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Founder @ BamBamBoogie

Jolt is the perfect opportunity for me because I’m learning how to run a business.

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Founder @ Nishani

What attracted me to Jolt was that they specialise in the art of start-up — so I knew joining Jolt I would be able to implement what I learned straight away into my business.

Muhammad Malik
Co-Founder @ Ramadan Legacy