We are on a mission to make life-long learning a habit.

The thing is, learning is like broccoli. Everyone intuitively understands it’s good for them - but they don’t necessarily want to eat it for dinner every night. But what if we could come up with a learning experience that isn’t only good for you, but also fun to consume? Learning that is as affordable, as available and as addictive as coffee?


We build a network of innovative learning spaces where professionals learn together from world-class instructors. Jolt members up-skill themselves through short and effective learning sessions as part of their weekly routine, and are part of a global tribe of lifelong learners.


Too many of us have been raised to believe that education is a nightmare. It usually includes, we’ve learned, sitting in a classroom with an irrelevant instructor, having outdated information thrown at you; hearing lectures you don’t want to hear with people you don’t want to hear them with. We, who survived K-12 because the law forced us to, and College because our parents forced us to — we are now independent adults. We now have the priceless privilege of choice. Jolt was started with the mission of making learning a lifelong habit.

We’ve started with redesigning learning from scratch to meet the needs of a generation who prepares itself to more than one possible future; a generation of polymaths and multipotentialites.

Through rapid experimentation and research we’ve found: the ultimate learning experience is conversational. Experiential. In a small group with similar-minded professionals. It comes in small doses. Its content includes me rather than thrown at me. And to make it effective I don’t have to meet the teacher in person; but I do have to meet the other students, as knowledge is no longer owned or created by an institution — but rather shared and crafted every day by practitioners.


In the old world those who couldn’t do — taught; in the new world teaching is a sign of mastery. It’s respectful. Those who reach true professionalism share their knowledge with the world — in a new form of winners’ grace.

In the old world many students sat shoulder to shoulder and hated the class together — in the new world students are actively sharing information with one another, gaining new insights, forming new relationships and becoming recognized as professionals themselves through direct communication with their peers.

Jolt is about access; which means first and foremost physical proximity to 21st century learning. Walking distance, if possible. That is why Jolts happen in meeting rooms, coworking spaces and unique Micro-campuses called Jolt Rooms. We’re able to provide different levels of immersion, but the core experience remains the same: an intimate group of people, together in a room, learning from a world-class professional.


The single most beloved thing I own is a 19th-century clock that I inherited. It has some incredibly complicated clockwork and is unlike anything made today.
Roei Deutsch
Co-Founder & CEO
I've always been interested in learning languages and linguistics. It's fascinating to me how people's words define their culture and can tell you so much about who they are.
Nitzan Cohen Arazi
Co-Founder & CRO
When I’m not writing code, I’m probably spinning some techno records.
Nadav Leshem
Co-Founder & CTO
I’ve always been a daydreamer. Sometimes as a kid I used to go to French horn class without my French horn.
Lior Frenkel
CPO, Partner
Unexplainable fear of eggplants
Tal Shmueli
VP Jolters
If I was a candy, I'd be a Mars bar. I'm crunchy like nougat and chewy like caramel– but chocolate covered, which makes the whole bite sweet!
Shelly Dushnitzky
Office Manager
My superpower is remembering obscure, random facts.
Ori Steinitz
Head of Product
I’ve always been interested in learning about vintage handcrafting. The ability to create elaborate designs without computers or machines fascinates me.
Ilanit Izhar
Art Director
Sometimes I like working in the office while wearing my kimono.
Yael Rimon
Chief of Staff
The biggest love of my life is my dog named Taco
Monica Bidani
Community Team Manager
If I could learn anything, I'd probably learn Italian, it's been on my list for a while now...
Adi Kuperman
Community Coordinator
The coolest thing I own is my dog Mufasa, because he speaks four languages and snores too!
Alex Zak
Product Manager
Give me a fluffy warm pastry and I'm yours forever.
Anaelle Goldberg
Jolters Success Manager
I own a pair of Nike sneakers that turns green in the sun and when it's cold stripes appear on them. These shoes are basically me.
Moriel Ben Israel
Content Operations Manager
"I love listening to my inner child. It is why I have very serious conversations with my 9 year old nephew. "
Natan Weisband
Sales Manager
Something I’d like to learn more about is diving and flying. Seeing the earth from above and below is like experiencing a whole different Earth entirely.
Shay Goldman
Full Stack Engineer
I own more than 20 pairs of snickers altought they're not weird as individual pairs.
Ud Doron
Content Development Manager
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
Keren Shlomi
Most people don't know this, but I've run a total of 5 marathons in my lifetime.
Yevgen Glukhov
Product Designer
The biggest gap in my education is that as a child I never watched a Disney movie. I started with Frozen and it changed my life.
Ran Shavit
Project Manager
I'm excited about everything. :D
Miriam Kalantarov
Sales Coordinator
I'm interested in learning more about Buddhism and meditation as a tool to improve ADHD and neuron flexibility.
Nitzan Argov
Community Team Manager
Knowing that never will I fully understand the mystery of the universe saddens me deeply and makes me infinitely grateful at the same time
Ilay Noy
Community coordinator
I'm not a man of many words, I let my actions speak for themselves
Eliel Dabush
Full Stack Engineer
Security and Creative

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As a company with a mission to revolutionize education, employee growth and development is a core value at Jolt. We recognize and appreciate that the best individuals are choosing positions based on the experience and educational value it can provide for them.

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