Where's your nearest Jolt campus?

Get your employer
to fund your upskilling

They'll reap the rewards of your learning, so it makes sense they'll pick up the bill.

According to research from Deloitte, the average Learning & Development budget is £1,068 per employee, per year. All you need to do is ask.

Over 40% of our students are billing their boss.

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Here’s the best way to ask your boss for access to your allocated L&D budget:

Step 1:
Do the research: look for existing policies on external training in your company. Ask HR.

Step 2:
Browse our syllabus. Focus on the skills both you and your employer will benefit from.

Step 3:
It’s easier to ask for things when you’re in your boss’ good books. Finish outstanding tasks and pull yourself out of the red first, then ask.

Step 4:
Help your employer. They want to help you grow, but don’t have the time to find you the options. Grab the email template below —and send it to them from your work email.

Get email template

Hey <boss>, </boss>

I wanted to ask if there's an L&D budget allocated to my personal growth?

I really appreciate working here and I'd like to acquire more skills to become better at what I do — I think it'll bring more value to the business and help keep me engaged, happy and curious (research to support that!)

If there is budget, I'd like to expense some classes at Jolt.io — they're a new global business school teaching the most relevant skills in business.

Here's why I think they'd be a good fit:

  • They're a global startup teaching the most cutting edge, in-demand skills that help some of the most innovative companies.
  • All students are vetted and are experienced professionals.
  • It's in-person and in small groups with people from different industries, which will be great for benchmarking and potentially sourcing more clients, employees and suppliers.
  • Their classes are short and immediately effective so I can leverage everything I learn straight away at work. And all classes are vetted by the CPD.
  • It's relatively inexpensive compared with other high-end workshops and classes – I should be able to fit 8-12 workshops within a normal annual training budget

And the best part for you is that most classes happen on nights & weekends so I won't need to miss work to attend.

Here's their course prospectus. 

Let me know what you think!

- <name></name>