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Over 40% of our students are billing their boss.

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Asking for money doesn’t have to be awkward. Here’s the best way to ask your boss for a personal development budget.

Step 1:
Get your ducks in a row. Do the research. Make sure you’ve checked the employee handbook for existing policies on external training and ask HR about times it’s been offered before.

Step 2:
Build your case. Know EVERYTHING about the course. The cost, curriculum, duration, times of classes, level of commitment. Then take some time to understand how it will impact the bottom line of the business. Focus on how they’ll benefit not how you’ll benefit.

Step 3:
Check yo’ self. It’s easier to ask for things when you’re in your boss’ good books. Finish and outstanding tasks and pull yourself out of the red first, then ask.

Step 4:
Rip off the Bandaid. Just ask, more often than not your manager wants to help you grow, they just don’t have the time to proactively find you the options. Perhaps it’s also a course that’s a good fit for the rest of the team too and you’ve done them a massive favour by finding it yourself.

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Dear [boss],

I’ve been really enjoying [working on x/our discussions around x/the research we’ve done on x].  It’s inspired me to think about my own personal development at the company. I’m really dedicated to the growth of my career at [Company Name]. It would be great to discuss the opportunity for me to make more of an impact within the business.

I’ve done a substantial amount of research into potential training and development for someone in my position who wants to add valuable skills to the team and aspires [the position/situation you’d like to eventually reach].

I’ve identified a [type of course: short course/qualification/intensive training week] which will impact both my career and the company positively and would like to discuss the possibility of [Company Name] sponsoring this training.

Here’s some more details on the course:

[Course Name]
[Duration of Course]
[Topic of Course]
[Cost of Course]

I believe this is the best option because:

I strongly believe that the skills it will equip me with, specifically [most notable skill] and [another skill], are aligned to my current responsibilities and will improve my performance and output.

It’s a hugely practical course, I can implement the skills I learn into my work and the team immediately.

It will allow me and the company to master the most up-to-date tools and practices in business

I’ll meet experts and like minded professionals who could become valuable contacts for [company name]

I’d like to bring forward recommendations and suggestions to our work processes to ensure continual improvements that and boost our organisation’s performance in the longer-term.

With all classes taking place outside of work hours and it’s flexible nature I see no reasons why it should interfere with my current work pattern and performance.

I’d love to keep you updated with what I’m learning throughout the course and share the knowledge with the team to maximise the benefit of my learning.

Please let me know a time to discuss this properly.

Kind Regards, [Name]