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I have published four videos and reached almost 20,000 people
Neila Pacquing
Without Nas Academy, I actually wouldn’t have started making videos at all.
Diana Lee
Yes I've increased our company's brand and am now looking to embark on being a youtuber
Brett Lu
Without Nas Academy, I actually wouldn’t have started making videos at all and in just 1 week I grew over 260,000 followers
Rasha Badawi
NAMBA, an alternative to the MBA that is affordable, less time-consuming, and laser-focused on teaching the skills that business people actually need.
Poets & Quants
The learning experiences are designed to be intimate, interactive, and topics of importance to the individual students.
Forbes Namba
Executive education that fits around your lifestyle.
Financial Times Namba
Joining Jolt I would be able to implement what I learned straight away into my business.
Muhammad Malik
Innovation Consultant @Nationwide Building Society
Jolt is the perfect opportunity for me because I'm learning how to run a business.
Lotus Qi
Head of Operations @Capital Enterprise
Jolt kickstarted my career by first being employed in an exciting company in a role in which I want to grow in. Also, all the topics I learned in Jolt's course will be beneficial for the future of my career
Prabin Gurung
Zero Deposit
It’s given me so many skills and had expanded my horizon on what I what to pursue in the future, there were so many things I want to learn more about if only we had more time with Jolt! it’s been such a good journey and helped me clarify and understand my own goals.
Gigi Chan
I don't feel as anxious going into my placement as I did before. Feel much more confident about working in the tech sector and using the skills I've learned here to advance my career far beyond this first placement.
Scott Mackie
Century Tech
Learning from industry and tech leaders has been a real privilege, especially as it was so close-knit instead of going to a conference or a speakers' program and listening to them. I think that's the real highlight for me; having the chance to listen to their experiences and life in business in a much less constrained and formal environment.
Eleanor Shand
Radiate B2B
Great to get involved, enjoyed working and producing a project together as a team and applying skills taken on from previous sessions and not only being able to present but also listen in to other groups. Great insights for future presentations.
Christopher Hobbins
Koios Consulting
I have gained so much knowledge about businesses and specifically start-ups, the different parts that make up successful companies, and the strategies that different teams take to run and maintain a successful business.
Eilis Lysaght
Loved this course! I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I have been out of work for too long and lost confidence. Jolt has helped me regain that confidence and connect me with an amazing group of classmates, mentors and industry experts.
Tessa Dhanaraj
Senior Project Manager @ Cycle
Before that, I didn’t even dream of applying for tech jobs because the terminology didn’t mean anything to me at all.
Shai Lahav
Director of sales and marketing @ Sanoculis Ltd.
I learned a lot of practical tools and today, a month after completing the course, I’m a Business Development Manager in a tech company
Anat K.
The course allowed us to become profoundly acquainted with the tech industry and its work practices – all from industry experts, within one month.
Idan Frenkel
Customer Success Manager @Drove
Jolt gave me many practical tools that will help me in the beginning of my tech career. They did an excellent job in selecting a diverse group of lecturers who exposed me to different business fields.
Benjamin Weinstock
Customer Success Manager @Bseller
We have built a comprehensive curriculum that will help you not only land a job in a startup you dream about, but also be really successful.
Doron Dvir
Former Head of PPC at Lemonade, the IPO of which amounted to $4 billion, and VP Growth at Lili
Those suitable for the Customer Success Manager position are technology-oriented people with strong analytical skills and profound business understanding
Yael Halutz
Former VP Customer Success @PapayaGlobal
The course allowed us to become profoundly acquainted with the tech industry and its work practices – all from industry experts, within one month.
Idan Frenkel
Customer Success Manager @Drove
Jolt gave me many practical tools that will help me in the beginning of my tech career. They did an excellent job in selecting a diverse group of lecturers who exposed me to different business fields.
Benjamin Weinstock
Customer Success Manager @Bseller
The course allowed us to become profoundly acquainted with the tech industry and its work practices – all from industry experts, within one month.
Idan Frenkel
Customer Success Manager @Drove
Jolt gave me many practical tools that will help me in the beginning of my tech career. They did an excellent job in selecting a diverse group of lecturers who exposed me to different business fields.
Benjamin Weinstock
Customer Success Manager @Bseller
Sales development representatives are the sales department gatekeepers. They get the leads and have to decide if the customer is relevant and if the deal is worthwhile for the company.
Liron Kaplan
Growth Consultant and Trainer @Bseller
We learned a lot of interesting courses that I connected with very much, and the most important thing is that the teachers at Jolt are really employees in the industry.
Ronen Tsibulsky
I have found myself reflecting on the last month and being so very #grateful to all the amazing, knowledgeable Jolters who have shared their experience with us. I have learned so much about my transferable skills and that I am, in fact, really good at what I do and that my own knowledge is not only valid, but needed within the tech industry! I feel honoured to have shared this month with my cohort and I know that I have made friends for life here. Thank you #Jolt for making this all possible. And a huge shout out #thankyou to Emily Mendelsonand Maja Wilhelm for running such a tight ship!! I have learned so much from everyone on this course and I can't wait to jump into #tech feet first!
Natasha Grunert
So glad to share that I've completed an amazing journey of the #PoMa course (Product Operations Management), delivered by the unbelievable and a group of talented and Savvy Jolters.
Doron Levita
Operations Manager | Hotelier
I learned a new set of skills and gained so much knowledge about startups and tech companies. My three main insights are: 1. Any skill you have can be an asset to the Tech world - you just need to present it in the right way 2. It's all about people - always 3. Never underestimate the power of a good zoom background 😀
Bar More
After four weeks of intense learning, we got so many tools to advance personally and as professionals.
Maayan Rotem
Here are 3 main things I've gained in the past 2 weeks: 1) Hi-Tech Business models - Personally I love this. Never heard about CANVAS before, and I've used SWOT, but never used TOWS, so I was very happy to hear about them and start placing my previous workplaces in this model and see how they work. 2) Planning my career path - I got many tools for self growth and creating my personal vision. Especially useful for me now, as I am planning my next step. There is still more to come, so I will keep you posted. 3) Incredible networking - I got to meet fascinating people, whether they are the lecturer or my fellow students. Such an interesting group of people, that you know you would like to stay in touch with them in the future.
Nir Gad
An interview for Israeli leading news channel - Channel 12 News Israel In the interview, we talked about and how this amazing business school helped me to achieve the skills I need in order to shift my career from the "Productions & Events" industry to the "Hi-Tech" Industry. Thank you Omri Negbi & for the opportunity to share my experience.
Ziv Perry
I gained the knowledge of the #hitech industry's latest tools, methodologies, innovations and practical applications.
Yonatan Millo
I am proud to share that last week I completed the #PoMA (Product, Operations, Management) course by Poma is an intensive training program aimed at helping business professionals from various fields apply their skill set to the #tech industry. In a 5-week program, we have covered a variety of topics including: - Intro to UI/UX - Lean Startup and Canvas Business Models - SEO Fundamentals - Intro to Google Ads, Facebook Ads - Advanced market research techniques - How to build an MVP, Basics of A/B testing and more... In our final project, we each prepared a 5 min pitch and presentation on ourselves and our desired career path in the tech industry. We presented to a panel of HR specialists including Yaara Fatael ✪ I'm Hiring ✪ from SimilarWeb, Yarden Lapidot from ClimaCell and Noa Lebovich from Forescout who gave us some eye-opening insights. I want to thank my course mates for sharing this journey with me and wish them luck: Maor Peer, Meir Ringart, Guy Benayoun, Omri Sharabi, Tal Kalderon, Talia Shimshi, Atar Orbach, Kai Gotlib, Michal Tsror and Asaf Arazi-Bitton. Special thanks to our course manager Reut Ben Ami and to Jolt's global career center manager Maya Klein.
Yonatan Angel
I’m excited to graduate PoMa (Project Operations Management) Course by For the last few weeks, I’ve been studying approximately 120+ hours in the High-Tech industry and gained tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology in this course. The PoMa course teaches these fundamental skills in order to use an individual's professional experience, and switch it into tech. I'm looking to bring the knowledge & skill set that I have accumulated so far, into a new and exciting challenge as a Project/Operation manager. Hit me up! Thank you very much for all your help!
Yehonatan Lev
In such a challenging time I decided to challenge myself and go further with a career hunt! 😅 Made a great decision to take on the bootcamp course: PoMa at and began swimming in the hitech world. 👨🏻‍💻 An intensive, overwhelming and so much educational, not to mention an amazing group of people I had met as a special bonus 🤩 The course included an extensive hands-on for product operations in the hi-tech industry, practicing methods, tools, and skills of the startup framework. More than ready for my next challenge 💪 Special thanks to: 🙏 Omri Negbi Roy Latke Hagai Farago Maya Klein
Yakov Brazin
What a team of champions! I'm 1 week away from finishing's PoMa course, and I'm enjoying every second! Wonderful people and terrific teachers! This course REALLY gives me lots of new confidence & new skills. Thanks so much everyone.
Tomer Grossman
I had the best 4 months. Met some amazing people, learned very interesting topics and I received new tools and methodology of the High tech industry. Thanks a lot to the amazing jolters who made this journey meaningful, relevant and very productive!!
Tamar Pescovsky
This amazing Bootcamp provided me new tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology of the High tech industry.
Tal Rozenstain
"Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change" Good morning, I'm thrilled to share that I recently graduated from the POMA Seminar at An extensive hands-on course for product operations in the hi-tech industry, practicing methods, tools, and skills of the startup framework. Making a career change is never easy, it involves so much hesitation and doubt. Nevertheless, Jolt made it a fun, fascinating, functional experience, bringing in brilliant Jolters to share their knowledge; with special thanks to Yael Lipskin, Liron Kaplan and Radina Nedyalkova for their continuous support. Thank you Jolt for this amazing opportunity to meet my inspiring classmates and new friends: Maor Peer, Michal Tsror, Talia Shimshi, Atar Orbach, Omri Sharabi, Meir Ringart, Guy Benayoun, Asaf Arazi-Bitton, Yonatan Angel and Kai Gotlib. Special thanks to our one and only course manager Reut Ben Ami, and the wonderful Maya Klein, who organized an HR tech recruiter panel for our final presentation, during which we received insightful, empowering feedback, from the supper professional Yaara Fatael ✪ I'm Hiring ✪, Yarden Lapidot, and Noa Lebovich. May this be the point of great new beginnings for us all. SHANAH TOVA my friends
Tal Kalderon
In this 'changed' era and with a morning of severe internet problems I am happy to also look at the good things that are going on. A few weeks have passed since the last time I taught a session at (you know..Israeli holidays..) and this morning I once again led the important, and especially practical session, of creating better products using UX design for Jolts’ #Poma course. To teach is also to learn from others, so at the end of the session, I asked the participants to write one thing they took from our session that changed their point of view, interested them, opened their mind to delve deeper into the amazing UX domain so I can get a sense of what they took from the session and what “works” for them. Here are just a few examples and comments that really made me happy. This session further strengthened for me how important it is to continue to spread the UX magic and practical tools and the great value they have, to allow others to adopt a different and more correct perspective about their customers and users, and to allow them to plan the #userexperience all alone with success and satisfaction. Until next time (next week).
Shira Cinamon Lindenblat
Thanks to Jolt I was able to take 24 years of experience in the medical device industry and land a job in Tech. Now I'm Director of sales and marketing in a startup.
Shai Lahav
Director of sales and marketing at Sanoculis Ltd.
Another achievement unlocked! After intensive weeks of live courses, I have finally graduated 🎉 👩🏼‍🎓 Thank you Jolters for all your incredible work and invaluable insights: Michael Pryke Radina Nedyalkova Alan Rutter Rohhan Divanji Hadrien Chatelet Fab Giovanetti Resa Gooding Itay Sagie Santiago Martorana David Shoham Sachs Kenneth Siber Jake Tenenbaum Ziv Rotem Frankie (aka Alison) Kemp Joey Leskin John Swallow FBDO Liad Tal Lior Vaknin Yon Borthwick Ofir Avigad Tony McGaharan Bruna De Palo, PCC Felicity Kay Alex Merry It's been a lot of fun with the awesome Sojis. 💃🏼 🕺🏼 Star of the show: Regev Amit ⭐️ Ps: When in doubt, go with Doner. 🌯
Seda Bakin
Friday concluded what has been an incredible 5 weeks on the Switch Bootcamp with business school, focused on developing in tech. I have learnt so much, from strategy & leadership, product development and data visualization to growth hacking, raising investment and pitching. Thank you to all the Jolters for sharing their wisdom and thank you to all my inspiring classmates who made the experience what it was. Beatriz Coimbra | Emma Corbett | Holly Ashdown | Ilai Szpiezak | James Garratt | Kate Stern-Weiner | Leandro Reis | Lisa Koba | Majeda Anwar | Marios Patsalosavis | Naledi M. | Nat M. | Raffaella Bonaccorso | Ruben Sosa | Tim Wright A special thank you to Michael Pryke for your mentorship and Kristina Semcenko for keeping us all motivated.
Scott Whiteside
PoMa is an immersive course which provides the tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology of the High tech industry. The course teaches these fundamental skills in order to use an individual's professional experience, and switch it into tech. The course is taught and built by industry professionals in leading startups and scaleups across the globe. I couldn't ask for a more professional, focused, and practical place! I'm happy and proud to enhance my skills and knowledge and looking forward to my next challenge as #customersuccessmanager #sdrs
Royi Berglas
The course was all I needed. It gave me the right tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology of the tech industry to switch my professional experience into tech.
Roy Perlmuter
I am proud to share that I completed the #PoMA - Product Operations Management course by I want to thank my classmates and wishing you good luck along your way! Aviv Baavur Yakov Brazin Daniel Eliya Maayan Yeheskeli Nataly Livski Ilana Karlinsky Ilana Koren Gilad Leshem Itamar Turiski Noy Alcalay Reut Waise Manuel Burak Noa Zeidman Shir Freiman Dorit Rozen Adi Galili Special thanks to our course manager Omri Negbi and, of course, to Maya Klein, Roy Latke & Hagai Farago, for their input. I am full of anticipation for what awaits me later in the new path I have started.
Roman Boruhov
My new Jewish year started in a very special way. After 2 years in the education ministry, I've decided to look for a new path. After a lot of hesitation, I registered for in a purpose to deep dive into the world of Hi-Tec. The Jolt PoMa (product operation manager) program taught me how to conduct in this industry and gave me a lot of tools to succeed. I learn about Marketing, Sales, Costumers, Product and Operation. Also, they taught me about personal skills and a lot of handy Lessons from the top Lecturers. Through this program, I feel now that I'm ready to start my own new way. An extra thank belongs to Omri Negbi - our Course Manager, Maya Klein, Roy Latke, and Hagai Farago for patience, attention, and listening. Other thanks belong to the all amazing, creative, and talented students, that without them, the whole course would look differently. Now I'm looking for my new adventure in Customer success or the HR world. I much appreciate any help or offer. Have a great year everyone :) Maayan Yeheskeli Adi Galili Daniel Eliya Shir Freiman Noy Alcalay Noa Zeidman Manuel Burak Ilana Koren Gilad Leshem Aviv Baavur Ilana Karlinsky Dorit Rozen Roman Boruhov Itamar Turiski Yakov Brazin Nataly Livski
Reut Waise
Wooow!! Started with SEO, Going through the best UX class and finish off with an A/B Testing class That’s what I call a meaningful Monday.
Ori Eyni Calderon
When I looked for someone to join my Startup I hired a Jolt graduate. As a Jolt alumnus myself I knew that's just what I was looking for.
Or Shamosh
Founder and CEO @SellerAppeal
I've learned so much thanks to and their outstanding lecturers. I had the privilege of studying from the top people in the #Hightech industry. These encounters had open my mind to a new world, expanded my toolbox and my mind. Apart from the professional side, has given me new perspectives and self-confidence, an excellent springboard for my professional future.
Or Meidan
Last Thursday, I just finished course called POMA (product operations marketing administrations) in I signed in, out of the will to expand my skills in time of great change. In first I felt a bit skeptical about my ability to study online very long hours and to connect with people I haven't met. All of this came to me as a striking epiphany and I'm so glad it did. I met enthusiastic people, from a variety of industries looking to make changes in their life and to join the eco-system. This thoughts to me goes way beyond remote studding, it involves breaking our own boundaries despite fears from the unknown, and looking at the future as an opportunity. That reminds me Prof.Thomas Frey research in 2012, saying in 2030 2 Billion jobs will disappear. The same amazing futurist spoke about the Coming Waves of Disruption and Opportunity that will Redefine Our future, in last November China Hi-tech conference just a few months before Corona virus erupted. These days are days of change, in Israel we celebrate the Jewish new year under quarantine, and for many of us it's time to reinvent themselves. So, for all of us I wish a year of breaking our inner boundaries. Thanks, Jolt, for the opportunity. Have a great year! #startup #future #innovation
Noy Alcalay
A definitely worthwhile and enlightening experience. I got to experience several tools such as: hubspot, wix and Also I gained from it a wider perspective regard sales, product and project management in the tech industry.
Netanel Shwartz
This course is designed to provide the newest tools, knowledge, terminology, and practical methods of the high tech industry.
Netanel Estraicher
I discovered the new and amazing world of tech and startups and participated in a lot of interesting classes from the best minds in the field. Especially, I opened my mind to new possibilities. #PoMa is a significant and unique course for curious people who want to find the next steps of their career in tech and startups, not only as developers.
Moriya Aricha
Exactly 2 months ago I walked out of Fashion 911 Inc offices for the last time, after almost 9 years and a lifetime. Time will tell if the decision leaving during a world crisis was a good one, in the meantime, I prefer thinking it was interesting:) I decided I’m ready for a #change. I wanted to shift my experience and skills into the Tech industry, but knew I needed a solid mentor to guide me through it. So I signed up for #PoMa course (Product, Operations, Management) by which turns existing expertise from various backgrounds into required skills in tech companies. For 6 weeks, mostly under lockdown, this process and group of people became the reason I jumped out of bed each morning. I learned the ecosystem’s story, terminology and tools along with hands-on practice and content brought by world-leading professionals. It was a meaningful and exciting process that I wish could last longer. Big clap to the amazing Jolt team who made it happen- Adi Samuel Maya Klein Roy Latke Hagai Farago Omri Negbi Roei Deutsch And to my incredible course-mates who are true jewels one by one💎. So - here I am. Starting over! Looking for #ProjectManager / #OperationsManager positions in any company that will identify I totally have what it takes. I just need the chance.
Mika Or
5 Weeks 150 Academic hours 48 Jolts 11 Soj'is Dozens of exercises Plenty of knowledge and Networking Recently I graduated from the JOLT POMA Course, An intensive-focused seminar for product operations in the hi-tech industry, practicing methods, tools, and skills of the startup framework. I enjoyed every minute of it!, and gained experience in a variety of topics, such as - Behavioral Economics, Growth Hacking, HubSpot Fundamentals, WIX, Lean Startup, Customer Experience, B2B Sales, Marketing Strategies etc. Thank you for the opportunity to meet such charming and impressive people from the industry. I am also especially grateful for my amazing classmates, Tal Kalderon Atar Orbach Talia Shimshi Maor Peer Kai Gotlib Guy Benayoun Omri Sharabi Meir Ringart Asaf Arazi-Bitton Yonatan Angel and for Reut Ben Ami our wonderful, supportive course manager. Can't wait to find my next challenge 😊
Michal Tsror
Today we have finished our Business Operations Management course at Jolt, and it was a real pleasure! I got the chance to learn from the best and spend time with incredible people. And now... the sky is the limit💫
Maya Zarmon
Influencers marketing manager @
I can't believe I just finished an intensive and incredible month at I learned so much from the best professionals about #product, #operations, #management, and also about myself. I also got to meet the most inspiring people- Jolters and students alike. Omri Sharabi, Thank you for making this course so great Omri Negbi Lior Ron-Tal Yuli Luvish Eli Barenboim Maya Klein Roei Deutsch Thank you #Jolt for the experience. I can’t wait for what’s to come! Looking for opportunities as an Operation Manager (a startup would be a bonus).
Maya Shaked
I am excited to share that yesterday I have finished the Product Operation Management course (PoMa) at For the last five weeks, I have been studying approximately 150 hours on hi-tech industries, practicing methods, tools, and skills of #startup framework from exceptionally talented Jolters (teachers), and it has been a powerful experience! I would like to thank Jolt for the opportunity to spend time with the amazing classmates that became my friends. Shout out to Guy Benayoun, Tal Kalderon, Talia Shimshi, Yonatan Angel, Meir Ringart, Omri Sharabi, Atar Orbach, Kai Gotlib, Michal Tsror, Asaf Arazi-Bitton, and our course manager Reut Ben Ami. Our final project was a 5-minute pitch on our personal experience and desired tech position in front of 3 talented HR Tech Recruiters. Thank you Yaara Fatael ✪ I'm Hiring ✪ from SimilarWeb, Yarden Lapidot from ClimaCell, and noa lebovich from Forescout for the great value you provided within your feedbacks. Special thanks to Maya Klein who organized this meaningful HR panel. One portion of feedback I received was to smile. With all the excitement I forgot the number 1# role of presentation. Let this be a reminder, do not forget to smile! :)
Maor Peer
In as little as few weeks, Jolt turns digital novices into skilled tech and business leaders by giving them a combination of real-world experience — taught by global tech experts — and sought-after skills that today's modern employers are crying out for.
Some of you know that during the last four weeks, I'm taking part in the #PoMa course powered by This course is all about opportunities for non-techies in the #hightech industry. Yesterday we had a #linkedin session. If you already know all the secrets of this platform, you'll guess why I posted this one 🙃 If you're not sure, leave me a comment and I'll be happy to discuss it with you 🏁
Maayan Almagor
Giving people the skills they need to succeed in a tech start-up, whether in marketing, sales or operations.
London Evenin Standart
Today, I completed the PoMa (Product Operation Management) course by For the last four weeks, I've been studying, working hard, and acquiring new skills alongside a fantastic group of people! Here's a glimpse of the pitch I delivered today. I had a blast
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
I'm excited to share this amazing day as part of the #POMA course. The day started with the inspiring Lirone Glikman who talked about Networking Tactics. We learned today How to Build an Impactful #linkedin Profile with the energetic Radina Nedyalkova. We also had an interesting panel with experts from Tabit - Restaurant Technologies, Yotpo and of course Thank you It was a magnificent day
Liad Miro
Enrolling in this course is one of my best decisions. The amount you learn is astonishing. I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to venture into the #tech world. With a background in retail and hospitality #startups, the current climate is anything but stable. Alongside introducing me to new and exciting skills in biz dev, sales & marketing, product management, data & economics, taught me that I have the relevant transferable skills to break into #tech.
Katie Corringham
I successfully completed the! PoMa course last month. Thank you for a very interesting and challenging course. And special thanks to Reut Ben Ami (PoMa course manager) for a professional and sensitive leadership! It was a big pleasure to meet the other classmates and I wish them much luck on the highway to the high-tech world ❤️🤲🏻
Kai Gotlib
Places like Jolt help people who have amazing DNA for your company really distinguish themselves. They're not just people who're fit to be interviewed and hired by tech, they're people who're fit to be hired and excel. What Jolt allows me to do is to continuously learn and to keep adding to my skillset in a variety of different areas.
Joseph Fuerst
COO @ Deskforce
What a wonderful day we had at! Thank you to all the amazing #jolters! Lirone Glikman Radina Nedyalkova Tal Raviv Ben Rosenfeld Surur Vahdati you are incredible!
Jordan Laor
Jaz’s move from the corporate world to a leading tech giant
The intensive course provided me with the tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology of the High tech industry.
Itai Vered
No doubt this has been the greatest experience this year by far. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people that I can't thank enough for being who they are and made me feel part of an incredible journey. Special metion to my Jolters, that have been amazing and taught me everything I need to be ready for my next challenge.
Inés Pérez Gómez
As I was practicing social distancing, I saw a great opportunity to expand my skillset and took a Product operations management course at . For the past month, I woke up every morning to my computer screen, where I saw my 16 colleagues and one impressive course manager Omri Negbi ! Can't tell exactly when, but magic happened there! I found myself surrounded by educated people with interesting qualities that made the experience fascinating. sure that mixture of people was one of a kind! I learned a lot and specialized in the terminology and methodology of the High tech industry. Now I continue paving my path with some new human treasures in my sack. good luck to all of us!
Ilana Karlinsky
2020 has been an interesting year for everyone. From North to South, East to West, we have all been impacted in one way or another in our personal, social and professional life. I have taken this scenario as an opportunity. To take what I know, my "life backpack" and put it to work as an engine to develop new knowledge, work towards new goals and most importantly, transfer my current skills and expertise into a new industry (although it is not really new in all honesty!) - New for myself. Here's to switching into the an everchanging world of technology, social experiences, world impact and overall, business. Big thanks to Jolt and everyone for a great first week of SWITCH.
Ilai Szpiezak
On Friday I completed my #SWITCH course with It's been an incredible journey and I am excited to regnite my career in tech. I have learnt so much, from strategy & leadership to B2B sales, growth hacking, raising investment and most importantly pitching & presenting. A huge thank you to our mentor on the programme Michael Pryke and to our amazing course manager Kristina Semcenko. Thank you also to each and every one of our inspiring Jolters, especially Frankie (aka Alison) Kemp and Radina Nedyalkova! And last but by no means least, thank you to my motivational classmates. We have supported and pushed eachother to greatness over the past few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing everyone land their dream jobs in tech!
Holly Ashdown
About a week ago I completed a PoMa (Product Operation Management) course by It has been a great learning experience and I grew, both professionally and personally. Thanks to the team at Jolt and specially to Omri Negbi and Hagai Farago This is me giving my pitch
Hadar Harush Reuveni
In the last 5 months, I discovered the most up-to-date terms, tools, and techniques that are being used in the tech and startup ecosystem.
Gal Klein
TL;DR: I graduated PoMa and I'm Looking for a New Job! Super Excited to graduate PoMa course by! 👨🏻‍🎓 This Product Operations Management Bootcamp was insightful, educative, and mind-opening. For over 120 hours of studying I've learned a lot about the Hi-Tech industry. I received new tools, methodology, and learned more about the developing process of StartUp companies. I want to thank my fellow SOJIs and wish lots of Good Luck! Astar Gilead Mika Or Oran Jakobovich Omer Karny Elad Malloul Regev Sapir Yehonatan Lev Oren Lev Amir Ezroni David Rinkevich Ofek Perry Alex Aharon Anthony Galgut Nir Yaari Omri Maman Avi Tam Ilan Zilberman Special thanks to the AMAZING Jolt team! Our great (!!!) course manager Adi Samuel, the best pitch mentor Hagai Farago , the great Maya Klein, Mor Azulay as my admission consultant, and the best Jolt Lead Doron Aaronsohn & Roei Deutsch. I'm looking for a new job opportunity as a Project/ Operations/ Wellbeing manager in the Hi-Tech industry. I will be happy to contribute to your company from my vast work experience in the public and business sectors.
Gal Brosh
There's a pressure for companies to be commercial and drive revenue towards profitability. The way they're going to do that isn't by hiring loads of developers but by hiring more sales people, marketers, people in operations who can help drive businesses to become more efficient, drive revenue and drive more customers
Evening Standart
Last Friday all the smiley people below (including me) finished our Switch course - 5 weeks of learning about the tech industry from all angles, finishing with presentations in front of industry professionals. I learned a lot on the course but what I will miss most is the people - and I never thought I would miss having a zoom meeting! Congratulations to everyone and a special thank you to Kristina Semcenko and Michael Pryke for supporting us throughout.
Emma Corbett
Under #lockdown and zoom(cir)cumstances I’m excited to graduate PoMa (Project Operations Management) Course by today. For the last few weeks, I’ve been studying approximately 120+ hours in the High-Tech industry and gained tools, knowledge, terminology and methodology in this course. The PoMa course teaches these fundamental skills in order to use an individual's professional experience, and switch it into tech. Luckily I had the privilege to study with awesome group of people Regev Sapir Omer Karny Mika Or Oran Jakobovich Astar Gilead Yehonatan Lev Oren Lev Amir Ezroni Ofek Perry Anthony Galgut David Rinkevich Gal Brosh Nir Yaari Omri Maman Ilan Zilberman Avi Tam Alex Aharon Adi Samuel Roy Latke Maya Klein Hagai Farago - A big Thanks for being the best #Jolt staff, I'm truly sad that it ended. Finally, I want to bring my skills and experience that I’ve gained in the business industry to a Biz-Dev position and would love to hear from you 🙏🏻 Hit me up! Thank you very much for all your help!
Elad Malloul
Elad’s transition from accounting to tech
Elad Levy
The inspiring course provides the tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology of the High Tech industry and built by industry professionals in leading startups and scaleups across the globe.
Efrat Bauman Ovadia
This intense & Thorough Bootcamp provided me with new tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology of the High tech industry.
Dotan Tavin
I did it! I've graduated Product Operation Manager (PoMa) course by! After being let go during the pandemic, I've looked for a new way to enter the Hi-Tech industry and I stumbled upon the business school. After doing a bit of research on the school and its premise I decided to give it a try, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've encountered an amazing group of people in my classmates Oran Jakobovich, Omer Karny, Elad Malloul, Regev Sapir, Yehonatan Lev, Oren Lev, Amir Ezroni, Ofek Perry, Alex Aharon, Anthony Galgut, Nir Yaari, Omri Maman, Avi Tam, and Ilan Zilberman, all of whom I'm delighted in having them as #friendsforlife. Also, I had a mind-opening and fascinating curriculum, which gave me an impressive amount of knowledge and tools to help me achieve success in the industry, guided by amazing Jolters such as Radina Nedyalkova, Fab Giovanetti, Santiago Martorana, Elad Levy, and Resa Gooding among others. I'd also like to thank the Jolt staff that assisted me: Maya Klein, Hagai Farago, Roei Deutsch, Roy Latke, Omri Negbi, Mor Azulay, and Liron Kaplan. And last, but not least, a very special thank you to the amazing and incomparable Adi Samuel, who stood by me every step of the way, and always had time to help me. THE ONLY WAY IS UP!
David Rinkevich
Well, where should I start? Maybe now, while my nation and I are celebrating our new Jewish year #roshhashanah I found the time to be thankful. Just a few days ago I graduated’s POMA course (Product Operation Management), which has given me the required tools to get into the high-tech industry. I had the privilege of studying with an amazing group of people Adi Galili Maayan Yeheskeli Dorit Rozen Yakov Brazin Ilana Koren Aviv Baavur Nataly Livski Itamar Turiski Gilad Leshem Manuel Burak Noy Alcalay Noa Zeidman Roman Boruhov Reut Waise Shir Freiman. Just listening to each one, I learned plenty. This amazing group was led by a unique staff - Omri Negbi Maya Klein Roy Latke Hagai Farago that was personally involved in every step of the process. 👏 This experience alone was insightful and enriching. Now, I am confident that I'm ready to find my next adventure in the tech world, but I still NEED YOUR HELP. If any of you know about an open position in Biz-Dev that would be a good fit for me, I would love to hear from you. 🙏 Let's hope that this year will be full of hard and fulfilling work, a year of self-realization with creating new meaningful friendships with safety & healthy, a year without masks and quarantines
Daniel Eliya
On Monday I took part in's new Switch program where I discussed some of the transferable skills students may already have in order to be successful in the tech industry. It was a pleasure to be able to talk about my experience and to fly the flag for TrueLayer! Also a big thanks to Oliver Beach (he/him) 🏳️‍🌈 for making this happen
Chris Brogan
During the course I was introduced to methods in business strategy, product, marketing and sales, data and personal skills and taught how to repurpose my existing skills to thrive in a commercial role in tech.
Ben Manchester
Ben’s journey from Rugby to Content Manager in tech
Changing careers is not an easy decision to make. It involves taking steps back, work in jobs you'd never think of before, explore your options and LEARN. Learn about yourself, your options, what you like and what else you're good at and stay open to defy old beliefs. Taking these steps back has been enlightening on a personal and professional level and worth trying even if one ends up at the starting point. is where my immersive process has taken me now. A team of bright ambitious students, an awesome team of teachers from Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, Wework etc, and 5 intensive weeks to get into tech (or run your own business more effectively) Starting week 2 today! 💪🏻
Beatriz Coimbra
That's when I heard about Jolt and decided to take the PoMa course to have the tools, knowledge, terminology, and methodology of the High tech industry and switch my professional experience into tech. And boy, did I make the right decision!!!
Ayelet Naaman
wow! The last four weeks were intense, but it was all worth it! Yesterday we graduated the #PoMa course! Besides the course content and Jolters which were fascinating, thrilling, new, engaging and thorough, I made some friends for life! My new adventure started a month ago, but now I am sure it will never end. So thanks for lighting the spark in me and for this intensive month. We wouldn't be able to do it without our superstar course manager Omri Sharabi who was there by our side 24/7! You can never know what a new #adventure bring about with it, but be sure to enjoy the #opportunity it gives you and never back up.
Aviv Rubin
Attended a great session today on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile with the incredible Radina Nedyalkova, who never fails to amaze and reveal every bit of important information! Half way through #PoMa course with the best group of people I could ask for, kinda don't want it to end, but excited about the fascinating lectures that are yet to come and about the rest of this amazing process that will, hopefully, lead me to my next career opportunity 🙂
Aviv Baavur
A few months ago, I decided to shift gear, move to TLV and pursue a career in high tech. Having worked in education since I was 18, I knew I would need help figuring out my first steps, so I signed up to's PoMa course, which turns existing professional expertise into skills that are required in high tech and start up companies. What was meant to be a professional course turned into so much more! It became an amazing reason to get up in the morning and learn about fascinating topics from lecturers who are intl experts in their respective fields. Despite the intensive schedule and long hours online, every day was incredible thanks to the amazing students and staff - couldn't thank you enough Omri Negbi Maya Klein Hagai Farago Roy Latke - and I’m truly sad that it had to end. So here I am, starting over🖊️looking for an entry level position as a content writer🖊️English BA and PoMa graduate, with experience in SEO, E-mail marketing, translating and editing (HE&EN) and creative writing as a second nature. Open to any and all offers 😃 Excited about my next step, I wish everyone a Shana Tova (Hebrew new year) and hope reality makes a quick recovery. May we keep our heads up through the challenging times ahead and never let fear stop us from doing what feels right 💜
Aviv Baavur
I wouldn’t even dreamt about it before Jolt
Anthony Galgut
QA Lead @MyHeritage
Today I graduated after an intensive five weeks studying the Switch course by Some genuinely inspirational people have taught me fantastic new skills and polished up some of my existing. Regrettably due to COVID hotels are my past, but a role in tech is now definitely my future!
Andrew Duggan
August 2020 batch