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Best Business Podcasts 2019

Nina Gordon
July 16, 2019

The problem with looking for the best business podcasts is literally ANYONE can start a podcast. Which means there are thousands all covering the same topics. And a lot of them, unfortunately, are trash. It can feel impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff.

It’s a problem, sure, but it’s not insurmountable. Especially when you’re about to discover the ultimate list of the best business podcasts around.

Use podcasts to boost your career

Life doesn’t always lend itself to spending time swotting up on the latest trends, reading the latest popular entrepreneur’s biography and sourcing productivity hacks from page eight of the google rankings. So, free media you can listen to while doing day to day mundane tasks if a gift from above for professionals looking to get ahead. Plug into one of the best business podcasts (listen on your commute, while washing up, or, you could even jog your way to a better job.

That’s not all...

The Best Business Podcasts are a great source of information for broadening your perspective and growing your understanding of your job, life and the world around you. We’re wired to absorb what we see and hear and the media we consume influences the way we act. Imagine then, being exposed to the influences of entrepreneurs, successful business leaders and all round smart cookies. If you have the best business podcasts at your disposal imagine who you’ll become and what you could achieve.

The Best Business Podcasts 2019 - The List

seth godin podcast.png

Seth Godin’s Startup School

An oldie but a goodie. A must listen for all business people. Launched in 2012 this podcast remained a top 10 business podcast for years. Seth Godin, who I’ll assume you’ve heard of, guides thirty entrepreneurs through a workshop exploring how they can build their dream business. You’ll learn great little nuggets of info applicable to all business scenarios. For sure one of the best business podcasts out there.

Listen here.

start up chat.png

Start Up Chat

Steli Efti and Hiten Shah are serial entrepreneurs, sales and marketing experts, startup investors and advisors and all round impressive guys. Their podcast offers raw, unfiltered insights into building and scaling startups. Great for early-stage businesses looking for short  actionable tips that are all killer, no filler.

Listen here.

saastr podcast.png

Saastr Podcast

Interviews with the most prominent operators and investors to discover their tips, tactics and strategies. This is a seriously insightful podcast. It’s one you have to concentrate on, but when you do you’ll get the best, most concise and on point content for starting a SaaS, or any other, business.

Listen here.

tim ferris podcast.png

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferris, author of the bestselling book “The 4-Hour Workweek”, deconstructs world-class performers from all walks of like to deep dive into the tools, tactics and tricks listeners can use on their journey to success. The guests are outstanding, it’s well worth scrolling through the back catalogue to pick out people you know, but make sure you listen to the others too. There’s SO MUCH to learn from the titans of the world. One of the first ones out there - and still is one of the best business podcasts.

Listen here.

masters of scale.png

Masters of Scale

An original podcast by LinkedIn co-founder of LinkedIn. Fascinating guests and frank chats about problems you’re either dealing with or will deal with in business. And the episodes are super digestible at only 25 mins long.

Listen here.

this week in startups.png

This Week In Startups

Get an insider’s look inside the tech industry with Jason Calacanis and his rotating group of guest experts. This podcast is for anyone who has dreamt of starting their own gig or is just curious about the behind the scenes in both known and soon to be known companies. Having Jason in your pocket is a great way to learn and grow your business. It’s well worth digging through the old episodes with Founders and VCs.

Listen here.

recode decode.png

Recode Decode

Candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing the world. Led by prestigious Silicon Valley journalist, Kara Swisher. Great for big picture conversations on a wide range of topics.

Listen here.

how to fail podcast.png

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day’s podcast celebrates things that haven’t gone right. Each week she explores which failures have taught her interviewees how to succeed better. This podcast is honest, funny, reassuring and inspiring all at once!

Listen here.

creative rebels podcast.png

Creative Rebels

If the path you’re treading is outside the norm 9-5, this podcast is for you. David Speed and Adam Brazier interview creative people and get insights into how they approach things differently. Expect refreshing perspectives, brilliant guests and encouraging advice.

Listen here.

hack to start podcast.png

Hack to Start

Innovators, hackers, entrepreneurs and people just generally doing really cool stuff telling their stories. The podcast is focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve access. If you’re in need of some inspiration or examples of people hacking their way to success, this one’s for you.

Listen here.

eat sleep work repear.png

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley interviews psychologists, neuroscientists and workplace experts to understand how we can improve our jobs. The series has a focus on science and experts, over gurus and opinions. A thought-provoking podcast which both challenges and inspires listeners with an endless stream of insights.

Listen here.

bottom line podcast.png

The Bottom Line

At 30 minutes long this podcast is straight to the point and perfect for you commute. Evan Davis packs a lot in, with interesting guests and fascinating topics. He asks the questions you want to ask, and keeps listeners engaged by explaining any jargon and acronyms that crop up during the interviews.

Listen here.

conversations of inspiration.png

Conversations of Inspiration

Holly Tucker, Founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly&Co talks to a new founder each week to hear the highs and lows they’ve encountered while building their business. Conversations of Inspiration is entertaining and inspiring and full of golden nuggets of advice.

Listen here.

diary of a ceo.png

The Diary of a CEO

This podcast provides an intimate look at the trials and tribulations of some of the most successful people around today, how they got there and just what it takes to achieve success. We love Steven’s honest, insightful and thought provoking interview style. This one will definitely get your cogs going.

Learn more.

talking business podcast.png

Talking Business

“Being yourself is good for business” - George Bettany is unequivocally himself in his podcast series. The series features personal voicenotes about what he’s thinking and feeling while running Sanctus. Alongside the voices notes he also “talks business” with investors, entrepreneurs, athletes and youtubers. A refreshing listen for an open and honest take on running a business.

Learn more.

Any business podcast we've missed?

Let us know. Please email nina.gordon@jolt.io - and we'll review that podcast and see if it fits the list.

5 Best Podcast Apps - for listening to the list of Best Business Podcasts

Acast image.png

Acast - iOS and Android

Best for: Discovery. Acast encourages you to discover the lesser known podcasts, it’s great for podcast addicts on the lookout for new shows.


- Discover new podcasts through curated lists

- Search directly for shows, hosts or episodes

- Browse by category

- Continue listening from where you left off

- Save shows for later and listen offline or when you’re out of signal


Downcast - iOS only - £2.99

Best for: Features, easy navigation and iPhone users.


- Search, subscribe to and download audio and video podcasts

- Download podcasts automatically

- Playback speed options .5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x, 3x

- Create and edit “smart” playlists

- Sleep timer

- Playback control from external devices

- Google Cast ready


Pocket Casts (Android and iOS) - £3.99

Best for: People who want to dip in and out of their podcasts and cut to the point.


- Dark and Light themes

- Build playback queues that sync across devices

- View your listening history

- Cut silences from episodes

- Increase voice volume and decrease background noise

- Skip episode intros

- Amazing for listening to the list of best business podcasts above

overcast app.png

Overcast (iOS) - Free

Best for: Customizing your listening experience


- Create custom rearrangeable playlists with smart playlists and per-podcast priorities

- Voice Boost to enhance and normalise speech volume

- Smart Speed to shrink silences and pick up extra speed without distorting conversations

- Sleep timer

castra app.png

Castro (iOS) - Free

Best for: A beautifully organised podcast experience


- New episodes and in the NEW tab, add the ones you want to your queue, clear the rest

- Drag and Drop Queue editor

- Dark mode and sleep timer

- Library to review back catalogue, access starred shows and see listening history.

Why do business podcasts matter?

At Jolt, we’re solid believers in continuous learning. It’s something we’re absolutely passionate about, so much so our CEO spoke about it with the BBC.

In today’s business world every product and service is constantly being updated and re-released. The world’s moving fast and tech’s moving faster.

So, a form of media that ambitious people can use to learn actionable tips while on the go is perfect. Be honest, when was the last time you used your commute for something useful. Listening to a podcast is a simple easy way to turn that dead time into your own personal classroom.

You see, our mission at Jolt is to give all our students a competitive advantage in business. We’re building a self-made tribe of ambitious, self-motivated and inspiring students. Those that make learning a habit and want more, faster.

Any business podcast we've missed?

Let us know. Please email nina.gordon@jolt.io - and we'll review that podcast and see if it fits the list.

So why do so few of us have creative breaks?

Because almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.

Charles Darwin took long walks around London. Kurt Vonnegut made listening to jazz a daily priority. Fiona Apple disappeared for 6 years after the release of her third album.

So why do so few of us have creative breaks?

I ask because I can often be found agonising over the "more". If only I posted on Instagram more, I'll think in the bath. I'd have more followers if I pitched to more publications. I need to post 2 more times a week, minimum. I could go on...

Between you and me, I've got frustrated with myself for browsing Facebook or watching too much TV more times than I can remember.

And I'm not alone. So many of us are terrified of taking a break, creatively speaking. We won't let a moment pass without listening to a podcast, consuming an article or sharing something.

The cognitive load is real, y'all.

But like Vitamin D, sleep and good food, it's not only ok to take a break, it's essential.

Living a successful life is also about knowing when not to work. For your best output, you need to focus on your input, too.

The world won't end if you disappear from the internet for a week or so. Your creativity won't suddenly stop. Your time is now, but your time was also then and it will be again.

Your dreams don't have an expiration date.

Many of us confuse being "busy" with being constructive. But you can only do your best work by taking breaks.

And science backs it up, too. The brain requires substantial downtime to do its most innovative thinking. The ideas you have while driving or in the shower aren't coincidental. They're a result of you taking a step back, whether you're aware of it or not.

Here's a challenge for you

Let yourself take a wonderful and indulgent break. Several breaks. Hell, get downright bored.

Put airplane mode on for a while. Sit down. Lie down. Be still. Do nothing. Observe. Listen to your mind. Let it do what it does without judging it.

Wallow in it. Don't be afraid of it. Push it as far as you can.

When you leave your laptop behind, something always happens. A new idea or a fresh perspective appears.


"A spark of inspiration needs an empty cave."

Take proper breaks, often. Completely clear your mind. Your next best idea depends on it.

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