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What Is Not an MBA ® Exactly?

Lior Frenkel, CPO at Jolt
July 4, 2019
If you want a piece of paper, go for an MBA. If you want to be successful, go for Jolt. We’re the business school for the self-made.
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Considering an MBA? Try something smarter. This May saw the launch of our most exciting release yet: Not an MBA ®, an expertly crafted programme designed to give you a competitive advantage from your very first class. Here’s why you can’t afford not to join.

It’s a community, not an old boys’ club

Seriously. Our community is made up of forward-thinking people who are ambitious, curious and here to expand their network in a non-awkward way. Unlike typical degree programmes, you’re not sat in a faceless auditorium with 400 other students. Quite the contrary. Each Not an MBA ® class is made up of 14 like-minded people, so you can get to know your fellow students properly without swapping business cards or making forced conversation over cheap wine.

You’ll learn from actual industry experts

Not people who worked at JP Morgan 17 years ago and are now making their living as a lecturer. Nope. At Not an MBA ®, we only showcase those whose careers you can really respect. Why? Because they’re the professionals of today, teaching you things they recently learned on the job that you can apply to your job too.

Every class counts. No exceptions.

That’s right. No old school calculus that you’ll never use in your day-to-day working life. Just content that gives you a competitive advantage from the very first class. And the best part? You’re in control of your learning. Design your own curriculum, on your own terms. Using the app you can browse and book the classes most relevant to you, and visit the rest when it suits you. Sorted.

You won’t have to put your life on pause

The average MBA takes two years, costs up to £100,000 and is often taught at age-old institutions who are way behind the times. Not an MBA ®, however, is designed to be taught as one class a week. Pick the time and campus that best suits you, reserve your seat and watch as your progress bar goes up.

At £85/month, it’s designed to fit around your lifestyle

But actually. No marketing spiel here. Just an affordable price and schedule that works for you. At £85/month, Not an MBA ® is the price of a dinner for two, a high street dress or a London night out. Except this £85/month is an investment in yourself and your career.

Plus, you can cancel any time. We’ll just need 3 days’ notice before the next billing cycle. Boom. ‍

We’ve consulted graduates from the world’s best business schools*

*And they told us what they felt was missing from their MBAs. To us, it wasn’t enough to simply think we’d created a fantastic programme. Our alternative business programme had to stand up against some of the world’s most expensive degrees. That’s why we recruited a dedicated committee of graduates from Harvard, Stanford, LBS, Insead and more to consult us on content and ensure Not an MBA ® is competitive, comprehensive and a genuine alternative.

Not an MBA ® is made for the self-made

That’s right. No nepotism here. No trust fund kids or jobs just because your dad plays golf with the CEO. No. Here, at Not an MBA ®, our community are creating their own paths, knocking down doors and opening them for each other. This is entrepreneurialism as a mindset, whether you freelance for yourself or work for one of the world’s biggest companies. The purpose of Not an MBA ® isn’t to make you “lucky”, it’s to make you prepared. Properly prepared. Because we’re in the business of making our students the top 1% of their industry. Change starts here. Ready to get started?

So why do so few of us have creative breaks?

Because almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.

Charles Darwin took long walks around London. Kurt Vonnegut made listening to jazz a daily priority. Fiona Apple disappeared for 6 years after the release of her third album.

So why do so few of us have creative breaks?

I ask because I can often be found agonising over the "more". If only I posted on Instagram more, I'll think in the bath. I'd have more followers if I pitched to more publications. I need to post 2 more times a week, minimum. I could go on...

Between you and me, I've got frustrated with myself for browsing Facebook or watching too much TV more times than I can remember.

And I'm not alone. So many of us are terrified of taking a break, creatively speaking. We won't let a moment pass without listening to a podcast, consuming an article or sharing something.

The cognitive load is real, y'all.

But like Vitamin D, sleep and good food, it's not only ok to take a break, it's essential.

Living a successful life is also about knowing when not to work. For your best output, you need to focus on your input, too.

The world won't end if you disappear from the internet for a week or so. Your creativity won't suddenly stop. Your time is now, but your time was also then and it will be again.

Your dreams don't have an expiration date.

Many of us confuse being "busy" with being constructive. But you can only do your best work by taking breaks.

And science backs it up, too. The brain requires substantial downtime to do its most innovative thinking. The ideas you have while driving or in the shower aren't coincidental. They're a result of you taking a step back, whether you're aware of it or not.

Here's a challenge for you

Let yourself take a wonderful and indulgent break. Several breaks. Hell, get downright bored.

Put airplane mode on for a while. Sit down. Lie down. Be still. Do nothing. Observe. Listen to your mind. Let it do what it does without judging it.

Wallow in it. Don't be afraid of it. Push it as far as you can.

When you leave your laptop behind, something always happens. A new idea or a fresh perspective appears.


"A spark of inspiration needs an empty cave."

Take proper breaks, often. Completely clear your mind. Your next best idea depends on it.

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